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As a mom, wife, and passionate career woman, this podcast is a space I created to talk about the real life success and struggles of motherhood, being a woman, having a career, and finding a space to exist in the chaos. These conversations are simply a sneak peak into women that are interested in building a supportive network to learn and grow in. 

I am so excited to share the voices of people I love and admire with all of you! Cheers to women that are here for honest conversation, stretching themselves to achieve their dreams and raising kids, while finishing the job of raising themselves. 

Erin Flood


This is a literal dream come true. Throughout my life, the thing I have taken the most pride in, has caused the most pain, and has created space for the most growth, are the conversations and relationships I have with the people around me. This podcast is proof that no matter our age, stage, or the title we hold, we are all just doing our best to grow through our experiences. It is in the sharing of our experiences that we are able to choose our own ending- to choose the lasting impact we will allow them to have on who we are and how we exist in our world.

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Brave Enough to Do it My Way- with Modern Agent Social Club's Chelsea Petersen The United State of Us- Women, Career, Motherhood, and the Messy Truth about Raising Ourselves

Chelsea is a former Real Estate Agent that created an online membership community for agents wanting to build a business on relationships, not pizza coupons.  She promotes a healthy relationship with the pressures of social media and living up to the high standards we set for ourselves. Chelsea's fresh approach to community building emphasizes collaboration and  mentorship and models what it looks like to be a successful female in an industry and trust that there is room for everyone at the top. Her kindness, creativity and spirit are so fun to listen to. She is truly a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to focus on the abundance in situations, versus scarcity. IG: @thechelseapetersenIG: 
  1. Brave Enough to Do it My Way- with Modern Agent Social Club's Chelsea Petersen
  2. Unconditional Love with Megan Zintek- Part 2
  3. Unconditional Love with Megan Zintek – Part 1
  4. Balanced Wellness- Turning Grief and Adversity into Purpose with Tara Kielblock
  5. Running, Chasing, and Artistry Making with Kate Moody

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