Welcome to The United State of US! My name is Erin, and I’m a mother, teacher, wife, sister, daughter, and LOVER of humans. I have spent much of my life in a schools, interacting with brave humans, just trying to find their way. I think of my experiences with those people, as little gifts that gave me a burning desire to truly, honestly and unapologetically know myself, and everyone I come into contact with.

On this site you can always count on honest conversation about motherhood, married life, finding space to exist in a noisy world, and how I find my way to healthy living. You will meet my family and friends, and have an opportunity to discover my imperfect, slightly awkward, but fresh perspective on things that so many of us experience.

Thanks for being with me, while I finish the job of raising myself.

Why do we wait so long for someone else to give validity to what we know we are capable of? Why do we let doubt and fear rule our decision-making process? I frequently fall into this trap. As a pleaser and achiever I look around and wait forever someone to tell me that what I already know is true. So I hesitate and overthink things that can be simple. However, I have realized that the more I just start, and the less I look around and consume what everyone else is thinking and doing, the less I need someone else to give me a title or acknowledgment or confirmation that I am on the right track- because I am learning to trust that I am the expert on myself. What are you afraid of that you are waiting for permission to start? 👇🏻Today is the day. This is the sign. Get to work. #mom #momlife #today #StartingNow # ... See MoreSee Less
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New episode dropped today! Season 2, Episode 1 of The United State of Us Podcast! Go to www.theunitedstateofus.com or click the links below. Chelsea Petersen Is an incredible interview with so much positivity and input on how to create a collaborative community and grow beyond norms that are presented to us. I cannot wait for you to hear it!! podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/united-state-us-women-career-motherhood-messy-truth/id1540119731#ep...open.spotify.com/episode/2UxykDIDquoU7vciPDMPVe?si=J6W_GwtaSPG_PUssn_joPA ... See MoreSee Less
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