Welcome to The United State of US! My name is Erin, and I’m a mother, teacher, wife, sister, daughter, and LOVER of humans. I have spent much of my life in a schools, interacting with brave humans, just trying to find their way. I think of my experiences with those people, as little gifts that gave me a burning desire to truly, honestly and unapologetically know myself, and everyone I come into contact with.

On this site you can always count on honest conversation about motherhood, married life, finding space to exist in a noisy world, and how I find my way to healthy living. You will meet my family and friends, and have an opportunity to discover my imperfect, slightly awkward, but fresh perspective on things that so many of us experience.

Thanks for being with me, while I finish the job of raising myself.

This one was so very special to me. To say this is a gift is an understatement. There really are no words for the generosity, friendship and love that I have been blessed with by Stacey Loehr Mertens. I’m not sure anyone has better demonstrated what it really means to love and be loved, than Stacey. Although she has experienced something that most of us hope to never know or understand, she has made the conscious choice to grow and learn through all of the heartbreak- and help those around her to flourish in the same way. Through her faith, love of her sons, and the knowing that she was part of an incredible love story, Stacey talks about moving through grief and loss. Part 1 of “Checking the Widow Box” is a testament to the love that Stacey and Jamie created in their family- a love that transcends all earthly boundaries- and can be felt by all those that know their family. Link to the full podcast in the bio, or at www.theunitedstateofus.com podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/united-state-us-women-career-motherhood-messy-truth/id1540119731#ep...For more information on the foundation started in Jamie’s honor, go to @club44foundation .#greif #faith #growth #podcast #momlife #mom #boymom #widow #love #family #club44 #44 ... See MoreSee Less
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Just got done with a meeting and find myself strategizing about how I will parent after school. Our afternoons have been a bit of a struggle. I find myself somewhere between wanting to snuggle and wanting to hide. And sometimes feeling like I was made for the journey, and sometimes wanting to call in someone that actually knows what they’re doing. I don’t have anything profound to say, today. I just know that this wild ride that we call parenting sometimes feels like something I’m not totally qualified for. It reminds me how much work I have to do on myself in order to be all they need- and all they will@help@me grow into. I love being a mother. Sometimes I just hate how imperfectly human I feel when I do it. Plans: to just breathe in my favorite David Rose sweatshirt... and do the best I can. #parenting #mom #mother #motherhood #boymom #boy #love #growing #growthmindset #parents #kids #podcast #blogger #imperfection ... See MoreSee Less
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