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As a mom, wife, and passionate career woman, this podcast is a space I created to talk about physical, emotional, mental and relational wellness. These conversations are a sneak peak into the lives of women that are interested in building a supportive network to learn and grow in. 

I am so excited to share the voices of people I love and admire with all of you! Cheers to women that are here for honest conversation, stretching themselves to achieve their dreams and raising kids, while finishing the job of raising themselves. 

Erin Flood


This is a literal dream come true. Throughout my life, the thing I have taken the most pride in, has caused the most pain, and has created space for the most growth, are the conversations and relationships I have with the people around me. This podcast is proof that no matter our age, stage, or the title we hold, we are all just doing our best to grow through our experiences. It is in the sharing of our experiences that we are able to choose our own ending- to choose the lasting impact we will allow them to have on who we are and how we exist in our world.

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Shredding Our Fears and Gaining Food Freedom with Erica Stenz Love Raising Us – Women, Career, Motherhood, and the Messy Truth about Raising Ourselves

About our Guest:Erica graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with degrees in Communications and Exercise and Health Science and Fitness Instruction.Awards: “Hottest Trainer 2014” by SF Racked, “Class Crush” by Class Pass 2014, “Trainer of the Month” by Sweat Guru 2014Erica is also the Founder of Warrior Women Program, Warrior Women iTunes Podcast, Author of the Warrior Women Workbook, third best seller at Book Inc Chestnut Street.Motivational Speaker for companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, BAIN, GI PARTNERS, Law Firms, Investment & Finance Firms, and others.About WESHRED:Weshred the wellness method is the VIP white-glove experience 1:1 Nutrition, Fitness, & Wellness Coaching Program with our five pillars as our foundation of overall well-being.Weshred is built around food, movement, mindset, accountability and community. Weshred support includes coach calls, group calls, lessons, events and more. We are not a diet, not a fad, do not count macros, and are not focused around intense workouts. We are a 360 wellness method that focuses on mind, body, and spirit with three steps to get you feeling and living like your best self.Our WeShred program has two tiers: Daily Support or Weekly Support. To qualify for the weekly support option, you must go through the 21 day daily support program for at least one month/program period. Daily Support (our 21 day program) includes coach calls, texts, tracker support and group calls. Our weekly support is for those who need less accountability and feel confident enough in the program to do it mostly on their own. This option includes 1 coach call a week, tracker support once a week and group calls.Still have questions? Contact us at and we'll be happy to discuss them with you!For more from Erin go to: @LoveRaisingUsFor more from Erica go to: @weshredcollective @ericastenz
  1. Shredding Our Fears and Gaining Food Freedom with Erica Stenz
  2. The Power of the Pelvic Floor with Caroline Packard
  3. Surviving Middle School with Jessica Speer
  4. Helping Our Kids Navigate Friendship with Jessica Speer (revisited)
  5. Supporting Healthy and Happy Kids with Dr. Elisa Song, MD

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