Sometimes the things that UNITE US have everything and nothing to do with US.

We are parents, that spend our lives commuting to watch our children learn from, and play games they love.

We are parents that divide and conquer, and expect that, at the end of the day, we will return home to share tales of our day.

We are spouses that do our best… and when that best isn’t good enough…by the grace of God, sometimes we are given second chances.

We are siblings that have tortured, teased, loved and helped raise each other… who could not imagine a life with one of those people missing from our story.

We are parents, who want to pretend that tragic loss is something that can only happen to other people, and not to us.

We are people that want to be part of moments where a single human being can do something so extraordinary, that it makes us feel capable of doing amazing things, ourselves.

We are fans that love to witness a comeback, a second act, a redemption story…because it shows us that bravery, commitment and vulnerability can give us the second chance we aren’t sure we are worthy of.

We are people of faith, that hope God doesn’t call the name of anyone we love before we are ready…and pray that we have some say in when our own is called.

As the world mourns the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the other children and parents aboard that helicopter, we are reminded that there is so much more in our lives that UNITES US, than separates US.

Life is precious, and fleeting, and awe-filled.

Be present. Love deeply. Remain faithful.

We are UNITED in this STATE. Of uncertainty. Of courage. Of sadness. Of hope.

Thank God, for so many of life’s moments, we have each other.

The United State of US


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Mother, Wife, Teacher and Believer.

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  1. This is a prayer Erin…this is lovely, passionate, real and so true to me…I have experienced all of the best and worst of life…but still be as you do that all of these bad things unite us in the and for the good! Love you and bless you for expressing these wonderful thoughts for so many of us!

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