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Mother, Wife, Teacher and Believer.

Settling the Heart

Every time my heart feels unsettled, I wrestle with that feeling until I figure out why this was given to me, and what I am supposed to learn from the feelings. Sometimes I do this in a hurry-one emotion giving way to the next- and sometimes it’s achingly slow. It’s A steady march to a…

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For the love of US

Post 9/11 America was something to behold. As the nation grappled with grief, disbelief, and newfound fragility, I remember a wave of pride, mingling with my fear. I remember hanging the flag we rushed to buy and put in our dorm window, and the sounds of “Proud to Be an American” echoing through the courtyard…

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Dear Kids, Mom is a Dreamer.

Our seven-year-old- came downstairs this morning looking disgruntled. I looked up, and as our eyes greeted each other, I noticed the water sitting at the edge of his lids. “Good morning, love. What’s wrong?” He looked at me, eyes full, “I do not want to go back to school.” He melted into my outstretched arms,…

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Principal Pep Talk, Ep. 2

Even in the struggle, there is always something to be grateful for. Intentionally looking for it will change your focus from deficit to abundance…. or, at the very least, bring you back to even. The glass doesn’t become half-full by just waiting for it to fill itself. Sometimes we have to fill it with the…

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Principal Pep Talk

Sending love to all of the educators out there learning how to “teach” in our new normal. Even though I am currently on the sidelines, at home, know my heart is overflowing with love and admiration for all of you! Greetings! Please like or follow my blog, using the buttons below, or the follow bottom…

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Darkness and Light- Part 1

I have thought about writing this blog- about telling my story- for months. This was me, 365 days ago. This gift was granted to me by a ruptured appendix. And while I have started and stopped the process of writing this dozens of times over the last 6 months, it is the fears and uncertainty…

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Life Lessons from Youth Sports

Yesterday, I spent 10 hours at our son’s basketball tournament. Yes. TEN. I am exhausted. As a mother of a player, and observer of the game, you may wonder where my exhaustion comes from. This mushy-brained, stare-at-the-wall state has nothing to do with the amount of time we were there, or the fact that I…

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