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Mother, Wife, Teacher and Believer.

Taking Time to Tie Our Shoes

We spent the weekend watching our kids play basketball. There were close games with lessons on winning and losing and playing as a team- how to rally when you think it’s impossible and how to keep your emotions in check when under pressure. But this is not about any of that. This is about the…

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Why I Love Raising Us

When I started this blog, I was in a messy and challenging transition from a full-time career as a Principal to a full-time stay-at-home-mom. I say it was messy, because as deeply rooted in the passion and purpose of my career, I felt distracted, disconnected, and numb to almost everything else. I simply existed and…

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Being the Brownie Mom

Several years ago, a close confident and I were on the phone. I was rushing around trying to clean-up the kitchen before I needed to get the kids from school and wiping the brownie ingredients still scattered on the kitchen counter. The pan made a clinking noise as I pulled it out of the oven-…

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Settling the Heart

Every time my heart feels unsettled, I wrestle with that feeling until I figure out why this was given to me, and what I am supposed to learn from the feelings. Sometimes I do this in a hurry-one emotion giving way to the next- and sometimes it’s achingly slow. It’s A steady march to a…

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For the love of US

Post 9/11 America was something to behold. As the nation grappled with grief, disbelief, and newfound fragility, I remember a wave of pride, mingling with my fear. I remember hanging the flag we rushed to buy and put in our dorm window, and the sounds of “Proud to Be an American” echoing through the courtyard…

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