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Mother, Wife, Teacher and Believer.

Still Small

I stood outside, tonight, as summer blew her dewy warmth across my skin. She seemed unwilling to concede to autumn- a stubbornness I was grateful for. My toes on the edge of the lawn, I remained a statue, fixed, on the horizon. “I am still small. I am still small.” I could not stop repeating…

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The STATE I wish could all be UNITED in? ❤️ Feeling SAFE ❤️ We cannot thrive if we are worried about survival and safety! This morning I helped facilitate a training about a program I am passionate about: @greendotgreaterfdl Violence prevention takes many forms. No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do…

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Embracing signs of Life

The state of being I want to learn to enjoy? ❤️EMBRACING SIGNS OF LIFE❤️ I often scurry around our house looking to “reset” it. I rush to make it look “perfect” or “untouched”. I will admit that sometimes I resent the work I am doing- picking-up the same pair or dirty socks, washing the same…

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